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Weddings celebrations

Weddings and celebrations

Are you looking for a place to organize your wedding or celebration that will be near the center and surrounded by nature? Premises of the Hotel Santander are romantic and a peaceful environment for such events.

The wedding ceremony itself can be arranged in several places, in a large gazebo, a little gazebo or anywhere else in the garden, where the bride can come down through the footbridge directly from the room.

The wedding reception or a banquet can be arranged both indoors and outdoors. Everything depends on your wishes.

Wedding place of the year

Svatební místo roku
  • Unique location in the center of Brno
  • A perfect wedding day
  • We have a lot of experience in planning, preparing and arranging whole wedding day
  • An attractive wedding place with an unforgettable atmosphere

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We prefer an appointment. Contact us and make the appointment on any business day.
    In our opinion, it is better to have a personal meeting. This is the only way we can provide you all the information.
  • We would set 70-90 as the most suitable number of people for the wedding, but we can do even smaller or larger numbers. This mainly depends on the table layout and other important aspects of your wedding.
  • Yes, we will be very happy! We can offer you several options for the ceremony. Our beautiful garden features a large gazebo, small gazebo and cascades that you can also use. Choosing a place depends entirely on you.
  • The hotel lobby serves breakfast for guests. However, if you would like to have a wedding reception just in your family circle and at the same time you do not want other guests to send out after the ceremony, you can use the hotel hall in which you will not be bothered by anyone. To enhance the romantic atmosphere, we can also fire the fireplace.
  • The wedding reception takes place usually in the congress hall, but it can also become a variation in gloomy weather. It will depend on Your opinion. The capacity of the congress hall depends on the table layout. At the round tables we guarantee a comfortable seating for 80 people, but we have already settled with no problem even 100 people.
  • The capacity for a comfortable seating is 24 people. Since the wine cellar is connected with the congress hall, we recommend using it.
  • Because our garden is large, it is difficult to answer this question exactly. It depends on the table layout and also on the purpose to which you would like to use the garden. If you want to use it just for fun/party, you can, but just only with the fact that not all of your guests will have a seat. However, this is usually not a problem because you only need to have lunch for everyone.
    On the terrace we will sit the same number as in the congress hall.
  • This option is not possible for organizational and operational reasons.
  • Yes, however, the condition is for your pet to be well behavied an accept our cats who are our regular guests. :-)

    Because your pets are in a foreign environment and can behave differently than they behave in a home environment, we kindly ask you to not leave them alone. If they somehow destroy the hotel equipment, we will have to charge you for the damage, and we would not want to do that.
  • So just contact us and find out more important information at a personal meeting! :-)
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